Climate change: our journey and the road ahead

Whether it is prevention or mitigation, the challenges of climate change demand action. Our strategy dictates that we direct our efforts toward transitioning our businesses to a cleaner energy future in support of our region’s goals. We are also working with our allies and stakeholders to advocate for a clean energy future.

Our long-term climate strategy includes the following:

  1. Producing carbon-free electricity: PSEG has transitioned to 100% GHG-free power generation resources through our zero carbon-emitting nuclear generation.

  2. Emission reduction targets: Including moving toward net-zero GHG emissions (Scopes 1 and 2) for PSEG operations, including PSE&G’s utility operations.

  3. Enabling the low-carbon energy transition for our customers and other sectors of the economy by partnering with our customers and communities and supporting the implementation of New Jersey’s 100% clean energy by 2035 climate goals.


Continuing to operate our nuclear generating fleet, making investments in strengthening the grid, energy efficiency, energy storage and renewables as well as evolving and modernizing our regulated electric and gas utility business are at the core of our strategic plan. Modernizing our utility business will take a collection of approaches from the modernization of our existing natural gas and electric transmission and distribution networks to investing in new technologies that support greater electrification and improve energy efficiency.