Social Impact

At PSEG, “Public Service” is not just a name, but a philosophy. We aim to succeed by doing right by our people, the communities we serve and our planet. From responding to the impacts of severe weather to the COVID-19 pandemic, providing critical utility services makes our employees first responders who play a vital role when crisis emerges in our communities. 

And on blue sky days, we’re there with investment and support to keep our services reliable and affordable while lifting up the communities where we do business – helping to make New Jersey a better place to live and work. 

PSEG Volunteers Building

Corporate Citizenship

We are committed to fostering a pathway to success for our communities, families and students through our education and outreach efforts. At PSEG, we are proud of our long-standing corporate citizenship efforts and our demonstration of strong civic values. For our communities to prosper, we must care about people and the planet. Through strategic partnerships, charitable giving, in-kind donations and a robust employee-giving program, we have built a strong framework of holistic and purpose-driven investments in our diverse communities.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) corporate giving aims to unite and celebrate people whose contributions are empowering neighborhoods while reflecting our priorities. We support organizations, such as NJ SHARES and the Community FoodBank of New Jersey that assist the communities we serve through education, advocacy and resources.

Learn more in our 2023 Sustainability Report

PSEG Foundation

The PSEG Foundation is a separate 501(c) (3) charitable organization from PSEG that aims to support initiatives that drive toward achieving tangible, lasting results and constantly evolve to bring innovative solutions to the challenges facing our world. The PSEG Foundation’s strategic pillars are environmental sustainability, social justice, and equity and economic empowerment. 

Learn more in our 2023 Sustainability Report
PSEG Pride March

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Today’s world is dynamic and rapidly changing. In the face of these changes, people want to be seen, heard and understood for who they are, including veterans, those in the disability community, women and talent across all dimensions of diversity. Our DEI efforts – led by our Chief Diversity Officer – couple employee feedback with quantitative data to drive our DEI strategies, under our core initiative: Inclusion for All.
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Human Rights

We believe in treating all people with dignity and respect and strive to uphold the high standards of ethical conduct that built our business and reputation as outlined in PSEG’s Human Rights Policy, which applies to all PSEG employees, contractors and anyone doing business with us. This policy aims to minimize any adverse effects our infrastructure or operations may have on people and communities.

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Health, Safety and Security

At PSEG, we value the health, safety and security of our workforce, customers and communities. We believe that safety excellence enables operational excellence. Our vision for corporate safety is to establish and promote a strong safety culture. A safe and healthy workforce is a high-performing workforce.

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Corporate Security

PSEG Corporate Security functions as an independent and objective internal organization, reporting to the EVP & General Counsel, PSEG Services Corporation. 

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The Customer Experience, Reliability, Customer Service, and Affordability

PSEG is proud of our strong tradition of reliability and customer service, both of which are critical to creating a positive customer-centric experience. We also understand that the service and value our customers expect continues to change and evolve. We strive to meet our customers’ needs today and into the future.

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Working with Suppliers

PSEG’s partnerships with more than 4,000 suppliers play an important role in efforts to sustainably deliver energy in a way that benefits our customers, communities, employees, shareholders and the environment. We diligently engage and evaluate suppliers to monitor our supply chain and proactively identify and address potential issues and risks. Beyond managing our supply chain from risk and performance perspectives, we strive to align our procurement practices with our environmental responsibility, supplier diversity and local economic development goals.

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ESG Reports and Disclosures

PSEG is committed to providing timely, detailed and transparent ESG reporting. Reporting, accountability and transparency are critical to our success as a business and in matters of ESG.

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