Ethical Governance

PSEG’s Vision, Mission and Core Commitments are the foundation of our culture and track record of delivering strong financial and operational performance. PSEG believes that strong corporate governance practices serve the long-term interests of all stakeholders, strengthen the board and management, and further enhance the public trust PSEG has earned during our 120-year history.

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Board of Directors

The PSEG Board consists of a majority of Independent Directors, as required by our Corporate Governance Principles and the New York Stock Exchange.

Our Corporate Governance Principles place great emphasis on Board diversity, including a broad set of factors such as race, ethnicity, gender, background experience, leadership positions, skills, accomplishments, financial expertise, professional interests, personal qualities and other traits desirable for achieving an appropriate group of qualified individuals.

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Our Core Commitments

In today's ever-changing business environment, we understand the importance of continuously reinforcing the guiding principles that define our company and guide the actions of our approximately 12,500 employees. Our Core Commitments are safety; integrity; continuous improvement; customer service; diversity, equity & inclusion.
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Standards of Conduct

One of PSEG’s priorities is creating an environment where employees can thrive and do their best work. To that end, PSEG’s Standards of Conduct reflect the Company’s focus on acting with integrity and outline the laws, regulations, and company policies all employees are required to follow.
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Public Policy Engagement and Political Contributions

We take an active role in the political process by communicating with government agencies and officials, participating in trade associations and other tax-exempt organizations, making political contributions and expenditures, and engaging in other activities to advance the interests of PSEG and its stakeholders.

Our goals are to contribute constructively to the formulation of public policy and to develop relationships of mutual trust with public officials, regulators, customers, community and NGO leaders, industry and business colleagues, shareholders and other important stakeholders.  Our political spending is guided by these goals as well as our vision of a future where people use less energy, and the energy they use is cleaner, safer, and delivered more reliably than ever.
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Enterprise Risk Management

PSEG works to achieve our business objectives while keeping risk at an acceptable level. This effort is overseen by PSEG’s ERM program that helps manage risks across the company. The program looks at different types of risks, including strategic, financial, operational, climate-related, environmental, health and safety, legal and reputational.
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Our cybersecurity risk management practice is a component of our overall risk program. Our cybersecurity program is built on a “defense in depth” approach focused on people, processes and technology measures to detect, protect against, respond to and recover from cyber threats to our systems and information.
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