PSEG relies on a variety of suppliers to provide PSEG with the products and services to make things work for New Jersey.  PSEG utilizes web based technology to identify new suppliers, conduct bids, and track supplier information.  Learn more here about how your business can become a supplier to PSEG. PSEG strives to do business with suppliers who are committed to enhancing our corporate vision while contributing to corporate wide operational excellence.  PSEG seeks innovative suppliers who will work with PSEG to operate our businesses safely, reliably and with the highest levels of integrity.  PSEG is committed to identifying suppliers whose businesses are:


  • Capable of meeting the needs of PSEG and have a proven track record of success.
  • Compatible with the PSEG culture and business model.
  • Competitive in terms of costs when compared to the competition.
  • Committed to providing PSEG with the highest quality and innovative products and services that will drive business results while continuously identifying costs savings measures.  


If you are a supplier that can meet these standards, PSEG would like information about your business.  Learn more here about how your business can become a supplier to PSEG.


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Potential Supplier Registration

At PSEG our success depends on our ability to reduce costs, provide better service to our customers and develop new products and services. 
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The goal is clear: Achieve an accident free environment where no one gets hurt! Our goal is Target Zero:  Creating an accident free environment. 
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The green in PSEG’s vision is about excellence in providing energy in an environmentally responsible way.  Protecting the environment reflects the values we share with society. 
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Standards of Conduct

Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Standards of Integrity establish expectations of behavior for all directors, associates, contractors and consultants.
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PSEG Standard Terms & Conditions

The general terms and conditions applicable to PSEG purchase orders only are provided as a sample, but are subject to change. Many transactions require a more formal contract containing terms and conditions that will vary in accordance with the type of work. Said forms of terms and conditions are issued at PSEG’s discretion as appropriate.

PSEG Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions (PDF) PSEG Long Island Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions (PDF) PSEG Long Island: LIPA-Servco Flow Down Provisions (PDF)