Leadership & Governance

At PSEG, we are committed to good corporate governance and ethical behavior

Through the oversight of our Board of Directors, guided by our Corporate Governance Principles and the Standards of Conduct, our code of conduct, we have established a leadership structure to effectively manage our business, focusing on Operational Excellence, Financial Strength and Disciplined Investment. Our risk management program forms an integral part of our corporate culture, along with core values of safety, diversity and transparency.
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Board of Directors

Meet the people who make policy decisions and provide oversight for PSEG and its shareholders.
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Board Committees & Charters

Review the PSEG Board of Directors committee membership and committee charters.

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Executive Officers Group

PSEG is comprised of one governing body and several subsidiary companies to better serve our customers.  Meet all of the leaders and learn more about their roles within PSEG.
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Standards of Conduct

Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated Standards of Conduct establish expectations of behavior for all directors, associates, contractors and consultants.
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Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion makes things work for our employees, our business operations, our customers and our community.
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Health & Safety System

PSEG’s 12-component Health & Safety System provides the tools that enable employees to take ownership for health and safety improvement efforts. 
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Environment, Health & Safety Policy

Public Service Enterprise Group and its subsidiaries (PSEG) will responsibly conduct its worldwide businesses in a manner that protects the environment, and the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers, and the public.
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Corporate Security & Claims

PSEG Corporate Security and Claims functions as an independent and objective internal organization, reporting to the EVP & General Counsel, PSEG Services Corporation.
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