Employee Giving

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Contributions to the Community

Each year, employees and retirees continue to show their generosity to worthwhile organizations. PSEG supports their charitable contributions by matching their gifts to qualified non-profits, including fire and rescue squads, as well as veterans’ organizations. If you’re interested in helping a food shelter, supporting your alma mater or town’s rescue squad, you're in the right place.

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Nonprofit Charitable Contribution Program

The nonprofit charitable contributions now matches, dollar-for-dollar, contributions up to $2,500 for permanent full-time employees, and present and retired members of the company's Board of Directors, to eligible 501(c) (3) organizations, fire and rescue organizations, and veteran organizations.
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PSEG Volunteer Grant Program

The PSEG Volunteer Grant Program is the company's way of recognizing, supporting and encouraging the valuable contributions of our employees' volunteer efforts.
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Employee Crisis Fund

Financial assistance during times of personal and family crisis … for employees, by employees.
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