Environmental Stewardship

PSEG’s environmental stewardship is evident in programs and strategies that reflect our commitment to clean air, clean water and waste management. Protection of our natural resources, biodiversity and climate change drive our environmental philosophy. PSEG has a comprehensive management system that promotes continuous improvement and ensures we fulfill our responsibility to protect the environment.

Climate Vision

PSEG’s long-term climate strategy rests on three key pillars: (1) producing 100% carbon-free electricity; (2) moving toward net-zero emissions for our regulated electric and natural gas utility operations (Scope 1 and 2 emissions); and (3) partnering with our customers and communities to enable 100% clean energy by 2050. Achieving these key pillars will lead to a future where we help people use less energy, use cleaner energy and work toward decarbonization of the economy.

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Commitment to Biodiversity

PSEG is committed to promoting and enhancing biodiversity through natural resource conservation while continuing to operate in a safe and reliable manner. Guided by our Environmental Health and Safety policy, not only do we commit to conserving biodiversity in our operations, but we also continually work with external partnerships and through corporate investment and philanthropy to enhance important biodiversity areas and habitats.
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Environmental Justice

At PSEG, environmental justice means enlarging the conversation, listening to and learning all we can from the communities we are privileged to serve. We believe it is important to center environmental justice considerations across our organization so that all our customers, especially those in underrepresented communities, can benefit from the coming changes of a decarbonized future. As a national sustainability leader, our commitment to environmental justice is guided by four principles: engagement, understanding, win-win and shared value, and long-term sustainability.

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Waste Prevention and Management

PSEG reduces waste, reuses materials and finds ways to safely extend the life of our equipment. Employee-focused recycling and waste-reduction programs help accomplish these objectives.

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Water Resources

Water is critical to our businesses, particularly in power generation operations. We have made significant progress in minimizing the use of fresh water and recognize that protecting water quality and conservation are increasingly greater priorities for our industry.

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ESG Disclosures

PSEG is committed to providing timely, detailed and transparent ESG reporting. Reporting, accountability and transparency are critical to our success as a business and in matters of ESG.

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Estuary Enhancement Program

In an effort of unprecedented scale, we began working in 1994 to restore and preserve portions of the Delaware Estuary in both New Jersey and Delaware. 

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