Environmental Stewardship

Finding ways to address climate-related issues, environmental stewardship and the protection of biodiversity and natural resources are key to protecting the environment where we operate, including in the air and on water and land.

Our continuous improvement efforts help us fulfill our responsibility to protect the environment.

Climate change: our journey and the road ahead

Whether it is prevention or mitigation, the challenges of climate change demand action. Our strategy dictates that we direct our efforts toward transitioning our businesses to a cleaner energy future in support of our region’s goals. We are also working with our allies and stakeholders to advocate for a cleaner energy future.

Our long-term climate strategy includes 1) producing 100% carbon-free electricity, 2) emission reduction targets and 3) enabling the low-carbon energy transition.

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Biodiversity & Natural Resources

We are focused on promoting biodiversity through natural resource conservation while continuing to operate in a safe and reliable manner. This strategy is guided by our corporate Environment, Health and Safety policy. Not only do we aim to conserve biodiversity in our operations, we also continually work with external partnerships through corporate investment and philanthropy to support the enhancement of important biodiversity areas and habitats.

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Just Transition and Environmental Justice

At their core, together, Environmental Justice and Just Transition represent involving all interested and impacted parties in shaping the future for the benefit of all. At PSEG, this is an opportunity for us to meaningfully include the communities we serve, including those often marginalized, in the things we do. By doing this, our goal is to give all of our stakeholders confidence that the power granted to a public utility is used responsibly and in the best interests of the communities we serve. Our focus on EJ is guided by the following principles: engagement, understanding, shared value and long-term sustainability.

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100% carbon free Nuclear plant shown in the background.

Net-Zero Goal

We aim to reduce our Scope 1 and 2 emissions to net-zero by 2030. To do so, we are investing in a resilient, modern infrastructure system that better supports the integration of renewable resources and low- and zero-carbon fuels.

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Recycling plant is shown.

Reducing, reusing and recycling:our waste management practices

PSEG strives to reduces waste, reuses materials and finds ways to safely extend the life of our equipment. Employee-focused recycling and waste-reduction programs help accomplish these objectives.

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Water Resources

Water is critical to the work we do at PSEG, so we monitor water sources, assesses risks and evaluate potential impacts. PSEG uses several assessment tools to monitor water stress, supply, demand and seasonal variability risks.

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ESG Reports and Disclosures

PSEG is committed to providing timely, detailed and transparent ESG reporting. Reporting, accountability and transparency are critical to our success as a business and in matters of ESG.

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