Volunteer Grant Program

Recognizing, Supporting and Encouraging the Valuable Contributions of Our Employees' Volunteer Efforts

The PSEG Volunteer Grant Program is the company's way of recognizing, supporting and encouraging the valuable contributions of our employees' volunteer efforts.

Through the program, employee can receive up to $1,000 annually in volunteer grants for their organizations, which include qualified 501(c) (3) organizations, youth sports groups and veterans, fire and rescue organizations. 

The program is available to all eligible employee volunteers, regardless of where they live or work or where the organization they serve is located. Employees no longer need to complete six months of volunteer service to an organization before applying.

PSEG teams are also eligible to receive a collective grant for the organization where they serve or perform community service.  The PSEG Volunteer Grant Program is designed to identify our employees as community leaders and volunteers, and to increase awareness of the company's support to the community.