Estuary Enhancement Program

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Restoring Wetlands

Tidal wetlands are one of the most productive ecosystems on earth. They perform many valuable functions: filtering impurities from storm water runoff, minimizing the damage of storm surges, providing shelter and food for migrating birds and serving as spawning and breeding grounds for fish and wildlife – in essence, they serve as the base of the food web.

In an effort of unprecedented scale, we began working in 1994 to restore and preserve portions of the Delaware Estuary in both New Jersey and Delaware. Since then, we have restored, enhanced and/or preserved more than 20,000 acres of salt marsh and adjacent uplands to vital, healthy habitat for fish and wildlife.

This has been a true public/private partnership, as we worked with independent scientists, environmental groups, natural resource and land management agencies, public officials and local communities. With many sites now completely restored, our Estuary Enhancement Program is a success story that is based on a relentless application of sound scientific principles.

For more information please send your questions to or call us at 1-888-MARSHES.

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Program Overview

The Salem Generating Station, in response to its New Jersey Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NJPDES) permit, embarked on an unprecedented effort to help restore a portion of the Delaware Estuary by establishing the Estuary Enhancement Program (EEP) in 1994.

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Estuary Program Overview Map

Overview Map

See where our sites are located along the Delaware River. 
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Obtain more information on specific sites. Each site has its own charm and significance, which is bound to make for a great experience.

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Enhancements & Public Uses

View a listing of observation areas, boardwalks, platforms and nature trails.
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Site Use Rules

While most sites are open for public use from dawn to dusk, special event/use permits may be available for public events, group events and some after-hours educational/club activities (e.g., astronomy club). Each site has specific rules and regulations that must be followed by all site visitors.
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