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Kalaeloa Cogeneration Plant - Hawaii, USA

Kalaeloa Cogeneration Plant was acquired in 1997 by Kalaeloa Partners L.P. (KPLP). Public Service Enterprise Group (PSEG) is the managing partner and Harbert Power Corporation is the limited partner of KPLP. The plant is located in Kapolei on the island of Oahu, 25 miles West of Honolulu.

Who are we?

KPLP is a 208 megawatt combined-cycle cogeneration plant which combusts Low Sulfur Fuel Oil (LSFO) and produces electricity and steam. The facility provides all of its electric power generation to the local utility, Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO), through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). It also supplies process steam energy to a local refinery, Par Hawaii Refining, a subsidiary of PAR Pacific Holdings. 

KPLP’s electrical output is 20% of Oahu’s electrical generating capacity, and supplies 90% of the refinery's thermal requirements.

The general management responsible for the facility is PSEG, operations and maintenance is performed by a third party vendor. All together employing 30 individuals from diverse backgrounds.

What is Combined Cycle Co-Generation?

The most efficient way of generating energy with combustion turbines, utilizes a combined cycle co-generation technology. This produced two types of useful energies, electricity and steam, from the same fuel source, LSFO.

Advanced technology captures a large portion of the combustion turbine exhaust heat that would otherwise be wasted by reducing its temperature from 950°F to approximately 350°F, and converting this free energy into steam by means of heat recovery steam generators.

A portion of this steam is used to run a steam turbine generator, producing additional electricity powering 50,000 homes with no additional energy and zero emissions. The remaining steam is used by the refinery for its processes.

Benefits to Hawaii:

Energy Efficiency

  • As one of the cleanest and most efficient energy plants in the state, KPLP generates more energy with less fuel oil, thus producing fewer emissions.

Protecting The Environment

  • KPLP is committed to Hawai`i’s renewable portfolio standards by employing co-generation technology, combusting less fuel, reducing emissions, and exploring alternative fuels. KPLP is the only plant in the United States combusting LSFO using turbine technology. Allowing for a rapid response to grid fluctuations, and the use of diverse fuels including gas, diesel, LSFO, and variety of bio fuels.
  • KPLP is helping to preserve Hawai`i’s limited water resources by utilizing reverse osmosis recycled wastewater in its operations. Replacing the need for half a million gallons of drinking water every day.


  • KPLP provides 20% of the electrical demand for O‘ahu. By producing electricity and process heating in a single process, combined cycle cogeneration represents an excellent solution for achieving a sustainable energy future for the people of Hawai‘i. With an overall efficiency as high as 50% and a lifetime reliability of 99%, KPLP is a reliable and proven means of generating power while reducing costs and minimizing waste.