Our People Promise

Inclusion for All

Inclusion for all is not just a tagline – it’s our approach toward providing for the common good in a diverse workplace. We combine wisdom, sound judgement and creativity to build a sense of belonging among all people, all perspectives and all experiences. Together, we have the power to take care of each other, our customers and our planet. We’re powering progress!

 So, what exactly do we mean by taking care of people? As stewards, we embrace our role as caretakers and the responsibility that comes with it. It’s about investing in our employees, our most valued asset.  It’s about securing their future with us so they can secure a future for their families. It’s about the long haul. It’s about using our power for the common good.

Taking care of people includes our communities. We’re continuing to build on our partnerships with diverse suppliers, community leaders and non-profits to address deeply rooted barriers to economic prosperity, equity and social justice.

Inclusion for all - this is our promise.