Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Commitment

PSEG needs everyone to be able to perform at their highest capability, feel trusted, and have the opportunity to be heard in the workplace.

In order to achieve our operational excellence, reliability, profitability, and customer service objectives, we must develop our workforce to reflect and respect our marketplace and our communities. We must develop an inclusive culture that empowers all of our people to contribute to our successes. A win-win-win. We will achieve our diversity, equity and inclusion goals by building on the following values:

  • TRUST - We trust each other's opinions and decisions and proactively address diversity and inclusion opportunities and challenges. We assume positive intent.
  • RESPECT - We approach each day with the determination to demonstrate dignity and respect for ourselves, coworkers, stakeholders and the communities we serve.
  • KNOWLEDGE - We become effective allies for others by learning about cultures, traditions, and life experiences different from our own.
  • AUTHENTICITY - We communicate in a clear, open and honest manner, with integrity and reflecting our commitment to diversity and inclusion principles and practices. We have the courage and conviction to speak up. We will not look the other way when something is wrong.