PSEG Nuclear LLC

Keeping Electricity Rates Affordable

The PSEG Nuclear Salem and Hope Creek generating stations produce nearly half of New Jersey’s electricity and 85% of the state’s air pollution-free generation. The plants, and their more than 1,600 employees, help keep electricity rates affordable, support reliability of the grid and reduce public health costs. 

According to a 2017 analysis by the Brattle Group, an economic consulting firm, these nuclear plants save New Jersey consumers more than $400 million a year compared to the alternative sources of electricity and help diversify the state’s power supply.  The report concludes that replacing New Jersey’s nuclear plants would add 14 million tons of pollution a year to the state’s air. According to Brattle, this would add $733 million in annual environmental and public health costs.  

An analysis by IHS Markit concluded that a reliable, resilient and cost-effective power supply is best achieved by integrating a diverse mix of fuels and technologies. A balanced portfolio of generation resources reduces the risks associated with any one source, including transportation constraints, labor strikes, price volatility, accidents and other low-probability but high-impact incidents.