PSEG Energy Resources & Trade LLC

Extracting Value From Assets

Amongst the nation's first and most successful energy trading organizations, PSEG Energy Resources & Trade operates a leading wholesale energy business in the Eastern United States. As the trading arm of PSEG Power's generation assets, acquires and hedges fuel and power, economically dispatches plants and trades numerous energy-related products. PSEG Energy Resources & Trade operates from a cutting-edge trading floor at our corporate headquarters in Newark, NJ.

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PSEG Energy Resources & Trade trades throughout the greater Northeast United States. We focus primarily on those areas in which our generating assets are located: PJM, the nation's largest and most developed energy market, as well as New York and New England.

Our successful track record stems from our integrated trading/generation model, balanced asset base, varied product mix and exceptional trading team. Equipped with leading-edge technology, our trading operation uses a progressive approach to achieve consistent results.