PSEG Power

PSEG Power operators managing a control panel.

PSEG Power operates one of the most balanced portfolios in the country, both in terms of fuel mix and market segment (baseload units, load-following units and peaking units).

PSEG Power operates a fuel-diverse fleet consisting mainly of  nuclear and natural gas plants, with a growing renewable portfolio.  Our plants are located in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii.

PSEG Power has four main subsidiaries: PSEG Nuclear, PSEG Fossil, PSEG Energy Resources & Trade and PSEG Power Ventures.

A Nuclear Cooling Tower in the distance

PSEG Nuclear, LLC

PSEG Nuclear operates three nuclear units in South Jersey and has minority interest in two nuclear power plants in Pennsylvania.  Nuclear currently provides 90 percent of the carbon-free power in New Jersey and supports 6,000 direct and indirect jobs. 
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A PSEG Fossil Generation Station

PSEG Fossil, LLC

PSEG Fossil operates highly efficient and reliable power plants in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Maryland and Hawaii.

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An electronic trading chart

PSEG Energy Resources & Trade, LLC

Among the nation's first and most successful energy trading organizations, PSEG Energy Resources & Trade operates a leading wholesale energy business in the eastern United States.
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A solar farm with rows of solar panels

PSEG Power Ventures

PSEG Power Ventures owns and operates 25 utility-scale solar facilities in 14 states.
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