PSEG's Sustainability Approach

Sustainability is an approach to living life with a long-term view.

It's how we manage the resources that sustain our lives – human, economic, environmental and the surrounding social fabric.

Energy empowers people and enables improvements in quality of life – it affects how we provide education and health care, and it drives the economic development necessary to ensure that every child grows up to have an equal opportunity to live a healthy, productive and economically viable life. We think about enabling that kind of future.

At PSEG, we innovate across our business, finding new ways to reduce energy consumption and deliver power to our customers more efficiently and sustainably. We help communities prosper. We invest in people.

It is important that we, at PSEG, put social awareness, economic growth and environmental protection – equally – at the forefront of our agenda. They are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, together they define sustainability.

Ultimately, our vision for PSEG is one where sustainability – for the benefit of the environment, the economy and our organization – is integrated seamlessly with our overall goal of making New Jersey a better place to work and live.

How We Manage Sustainability

Employees across the entire company, at all levels, are involved with managing sustainability. We pride ourselves on being a company with strong leadership, engaged employees and proven processes to manage sustainability throughout the business. We continue to emphasize the role that all of our employees have in achieving higher levels of operational excellence, which is fundamental to the future we are trying to build as a diverse, successful enterprise.

Our focus on sustainability reflects a deep recognition that our continued ability to prosper as a business depends on helping others to prosper, too. Thus, we have expanded the definition of success to include not only profitability, but also several environmental and social dimensions of performance. We strive to be both systematic and comprehensive in our approach to sustainability-related issues. Doing so helps us to remain true to our most important commitments and to further improve performance.

Leading from the Top

Sustainability begins with our leadership. PSEG’s Executive Officer Group is responsible for providing sound leadership and management that contributes to the company’s long-term success and sets the right example for employees. Representing a wide range of experience, our officers take an active leadership role not only with regard to our business goals, but also with environmental issues and community and employee engagement.

PSEG established a corporate Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Policy in 1996. This policy, reviewed and approved by the PSEG Board of Directors, reflects the principles by which PSEG operates in eight areas: associate health and safety, nuclear safety, climate change, environmental compliance, risk reduction, pollution prevention and resource conservation, open communication and continuous improvement.

Learn more about PSEG's EH&S Policy and Environmental Management System.

Corporate Sustainability Goals

With all of our sustainability efforts, we set our sights on supporting PSEG’s strategic business model as well as our strategic objectives. The sustainability goals we have set for ourselves reflect the alignment between our sustainability approach and the way we conduct our business.

  • Goal 1: To be a clear leader in reliability and safety, customer service and providing clean energy
  • Goal 2: To be recognized as a great place to work where engaged employees are our differentiator
  • Goal 3: To be a thought-leader and active implementer of energy and environmental policy goals
  • Goal 4: To be a strong partner of all the communities in which we operate, in keeping with our role for more than 100 years in promoting a more sustainable future

Our Priority Issues

For the report, we focus our efforts on the following issues that we consider are most relevant to our business, the communities we serve and our environmental impacts and the risks and opportunities associated with them.

  • Reliability and resiliency
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Employee engagement
  • Strong commitment to our customers
  • Financial performance
  • Clean air and climate change
  • Energy efficiency
  • Renewable energy
  • Talent attraction and retention
  • Diversity & inclusion

We develop goals and management processes for most of these, which are described in more detail throughout this report.


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