Building a Sustainable Future

PSEG has been building a sustainable future for more than 100 years - not only for ourselves, but also for the customers and communities we serve and for the world around us. We are not about to stop. During the past year, we made notable progress in our ongoing efforts to grow a brighter energy future responsibly, reliably and efficiently. We completed major infrastructure projects, bringing our customers the benefits of improved reliability while creating thousands of jobs. We moved ahead with a new effort to improve the resiliency of our electric and gas systems against extreme storms. With our eyes on the future, as well, we are proud to be a leader in expanding access to energy efficiency and renewable solar power while investing on many fronts to meet the increasing demand for reliable energy from cleaner sources.

Our experience demonstrates that it is possible to power the economy, provide good jobs for people and protect the environment at the same time. Yet for all of our accomplishments, we recognize there is much more to do. Our customers depend on our energy more than ever at a time of unprecedented, indeed intensifying, changes in technology and the climate. The status quo is not an option.

Sustainability Reports - By Year