Executive Commitment

PSEG maintains strong and active relationships with a diverse and highly qualified group of suppliers.

Supplier Diversity is just good business.

Supplier Diversity not only helps our company meet important business needs, it promotes job creation and stimulates the local economy. 

Supplier Diversity has created many win wins for our company and the communities we serve. During the past decade, PSEG has done more than $1 billion dollars of business with diverse suppliers. We are determined to build on this record and do even more.

The success of PSEG is driven by a variety of factors, primarily, our ability as a recognized leader for providing safe, reliable, economic and green energy. We recognize that small and diverse businesses help provide ideas and perspectives reflective of a diverse marketplace and we understand that it is often the small supplier that can help us better see the big picture. 

Thus, Supplier Diversity is an important area for reinforcing our leadership, not only in the industry but in the wider community. It is integral to our efforts to achieve even greater business success while providing benefits to society.

Ralph A. LaRossa
President and Chief Executive Officer
Public Service Enterprise Group Incorporated