Commitment to Supplier Diversity

At PSEG we know that to truly understand the needs of our customers we need the ideas and support of people with a wide spectrum of backgrounds. That’s why we rely upon respected organizations within the community to help us champion supplier diversity philosophically, and on a practical level leverage their respective organizations and expertise to most effectively accomplish our goals.

These are the organizations in our community committed to assisting us in our efforts, each of which plays a vital role in helping us to better see the big picture when it comes to ourselves, our industry and the wider community which we serve. 

For over 20 years, PSEG has been earning rewards from highly respected councils and organizations recognizing us for our strong support and clear commitment to supplier diversity. We are proud of the recognition we have received, and believe these awards help exemplify our best practices and long-standing and sincere commitment to supporting the most diverse array of fine suppliers we can find.