Solar 4 All Program


The PSE&G Solar 4 All® program is developing 158 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity that will generate enough energy to power about 25,000 New Jersey homes. Solar 4 All facilities are directly connected to the grid, which provides many benefits to all PSE&G electric customers and New Jersey residents:

  • The Solar 4 All program is concentrating on turning landfills and brownfields green by building solar farms on these otherwise unusable sites.
  • The program is helping to create jobs and drive economic development by making New Jersey a leading state for solar power. 
  • The power generated by Solar 4 All projects is used by all PSE&G electric customers.
  • Solar 4 All provides New Jersey with clean, carbon-free renewable energy.
  • The value from the sale of the solar electricity and capacity into the wholesale electric market, the solar renewable energy certificates (SRECs) that it generates and the federal investment tax credits are used to help offset the cost of the program.