Corporate Citizenship

Senior Vice President - Margaret M. Pego, Human Resources and Chief Human Resources Officer

Richard T. Thigpen

Senior Vice President – Corporate Citizenship

Richard T. Thigpen was named senior vice president for Corporate Citizenship in July 2018. Mr. Thigpen also is chair of the PSEG Foundation. He is responsible for areas of the business that drive public policy through advocacy, including federal, state and local government affairs, sustainability, charitable activities and corporate social responsibility. Mr. Thigpen is a member of PSEG’s Executive Officer Group.
Mr. Thigpen joined PSEG in March 2007 as vice president for State Governmental Affairs, PSEG Services Corp. He has been a public affairs consultant since 1999 and was a co-founding partner of 1868 Public Affairs, which provides lobbying, strategic planning, public relations and government relations services to clients in New Jersey, New York and Washington, D.C. 

Vice President, Human Resources – Total Rewards and Talent Management

Kristen M. Ludecke

Vice President- Federal Affairs and Sustainability

Kristen Ludecke has been with PSEG for over 20 years and has led the company’s Federal Affairs operation since 2007. She currently oversees ESG and Sustainability in addition to federal affairs. Ms. Ludecke also led PSEG’s New Jersey State Government Affairs function from 2018 to 2021.

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