Laura A. Sugg

Director since 2019


President - Australasia Division of ConocoPhillips Corporation, Houston, Texas, a leading worldwide oil and gas exploration and production company, from July 2005 to February 2007.  General Manager-Human Resources, exploration and production of ConocoPhillips, from October 2003 to June 2005.  Sugg joined Phillips Petroleum Co. in 1986, prior to its merger with Conoco in 2002.

Director of Murphy Oil Corporation.

Former Director of Williams Companies, Inc. and Denbury Resources, Inc.

Skills and Qualifications:

Construction/Engineering, Industry/Operations, Management, Risk Management, Manufacturing, Finance, Environment, Regulatory, Governance  – Ms. Sugg has extensive experience in engineering and operations, corporate planning, human resources and business development, acquired through leadership roles at ConocoPhillips including responsibility for major exploration and production operations.

Ms. Sugg's skills are valued as we strive for operational excellence, invest in innovative technology and meet customer expectations.