Clean Energy

PSEG is a National Leader in Producing Clean Energy

Our company has invested nearly $2 billion in solar energy, helping to rank New Jersey consistently among the top states for solar development.  PSE&G's national recognized Solar 4 All program constructed the nation’s largest network of pole-attached solar panels. Our efforts to build solar generation facilities on old landfills and brownfields has also been nationally recognized. PSEG Solar Source has developed two dozen grid-connected solar energy centers in New Jersey and 14 other states.

PSEG’s nuclear plants in Salem County are New Jersey’s largest source of carbon-free electricity.

The company plans to expand its green energy efforts even farther in the area of energy efficiency.

Solar Source

PSEG Power Ventures owns and operates more than 20 solar facilities in 14 states with more than 400 MWs.

Energy Efficiency

Our Energy Saver Program helps make investing in energy efficiency more affordable.